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Fall 2022 Schedule

  • Thursday, August 18, Child Support & Alimony after Cavanagh

  • Thursday, September 15, Ensure Your Compliance with The New Rules of Professional Conduct

  • Friday & Saturday, October 14th & 15th, Advanced Issues in the Use of Evidence & Experts in Family Law, with the AAML, Wentworth by the Sea, New Castle, NH

  • Date TBD, How to Navigate the Intersection of Family and Immigration Law

  • Date TBD, How to Apply the Breslouf Decision to Your Practice

  • Date TBD, Examining a Toxicologist in a DUI Marijuana Case

Child Support & Alimony after Cavanagh

Thursday, August 18, 4-6, Zoom


On August 8th, the SJC issued a slip opinion in the case of 

Cavanagh v. Cavanagh. This case addresses various issues regarding:

  1. Divorce and Separation

  2. Child Support and Alimony Calculations

  3. Modification of judgment

  4. Separation agreement

  5. Evidence

  6. Conversation between husband and wife.


This extensive decision and the many questions asked, answered and remanded, make it fodder for discussion. 

Join Attorney Donald Pitman and Hon._____as they parse the decision and its implications for your practice.

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Ensure Your Compliance with the New Rules of Professional Conduct,

Thursday, September 15, 4:30-6:00, via Zoom

The New Rules of Professional Conduct go into effect October 1. Many of the  latest changes build on the SJC's commitment to civility. But there are other important changes regarding sexual relations and managerial responsibility.

According to Attorney Thomas Maffei. "It's clearly a statement by the court that the use of 'abusive' tactics, whether in court or outside of court, directed to any participant in the process, is on thin ice and could likely involve [loss of] your law license if you carry it to an extreme." Mass. Lawyers Weekly, July 25, 2022, p.29.

Attend and learn from Attorneys Thomas Maffei and Martha Bagley the following:

  • What the new rules require and prohibit in terms of civility

  • How the rules have changed regarding sexual relations with clients

  • What the rules say about abusive tactics

  • The new obligations for those with managerial authority



Attorney Martha Bagley, Bagley Law, Boston & Salem 

Attorney Thomas Maffei, Sherin & Lodgen, Boston


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