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February 25

Successful District Court Zoom Trials, 4:30-6:00, Zoom

Join Judge Mary McCabe, Newburyport District Court, as she speaks with Attorney Nicole Reilly, Reilly & Rosnov, Danvers, about how you can improve your Zoom experience and increase your success in District Court hearings and trials. After participating in a multitude of Zoom proceedings, Judge McCabe will share her valuable tips about how to more effectively present your cases.


Nicole Reilly will lead the discussion with your practice questions. Send those to her in advance at reillylaw1@verizon.net

The program will be recorded and sent to all registrants.


Attend and Learn:

  • How to introduce evidence and exhibits  

  • How to argue effectively via zoom 

  • What do courts expect

  • What the judge says works and does not work

  • What are the latest court rules for conducting hearings and trials

  • How to prepare your client for Zoom testimony

  • What to do while waiting for your zoom trial to start;



Hon. Mary F. McCabe, Newburyport District Court

Attorney Nicole Reilly, Reilly & Rosnov, Danvers


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April 1

The Intersection of Bankruptcy & Divorce, 4:00-6:00, Zoom

Do you understand how the current economic situation can impact your divorce cases? This program addresses divorce practitioners’ frequently asked questions about bankruptcy and how you can formulate strategies to best protect your clients. Using typical scenarios that arise out of the intersection between divorce and bankruptcy you will learn:


  • The basics of bankruptcy law and practice and how the Bankruptcy Code and Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedures can impact your divorce cases

  • How a bankruptcy case of one spouse affects the rights of a non-debtor spouse; whether the divorce is commenced before, during or after bankruptcy

  • The types of bankruptcy and chapters, terminology and important definitions  

  • The structure of the bankruptcy court system

  • What is the automatic stay and its exceptions 

  • What are the discharge and dischargeability of marital obligations  

  • What is considered property of the estate and exclusions contrasted with marital assets, exemptions, domestic support obligations, priorities of claims, and strategies for challenges to divorce decrees and agreements 


The expert faculty includes:

Attorney Martha Bagley, Chair, divorce lawyer at Weston Patrick, Boston and Bagley Law, Salem

Hon. Joan Feeney, JAMS Boston Neutral and Retired United States Bankruptcy Judge,  District of Massachusetts.   

Kathleen Cruikshank bankruptcy attorney at Murphy & King; and

Janet E. Dutcher,  Senior Associate practicing with Kazarosian Costello LLP and Kazarosian Law Offices


Tuition: GNBA members, $50. Nonmembers, $100.


April 14

Zoom! Web Conferencing Best Practices

‘Zoom!: Web Conferencing Best Practices’

Most meaningful business engagements now take place online.  And, that’s not necessarily going to change: What started as a public health endeavor will continue for the sake of convenience.

If you’re like most attorneys, you’ve likely had a bit of trouble adjusting to this new world.  But, it’s not just about positioning your camera, so people can see more than just your forehead.  It’s also about making sure that your audio and video quality are optimal, so that you can make the best possible impression.

In this program, we’ll discuss ways in which you can improve your online meeting game, whether you’re networking, talking with clients or just chatting with family.

Specific topics to be addressed in the presentation include:

-video conferencing software options

-ramping up your audio settings

-tools for improving your video quality


Presenter: Jared D. Correia, CEO, Red Cave Legal Consulting

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August 12

4th Annual CLE by the Sea: NE Solo and Small Law Firm Conference

More details soon.

September 9

The Annual John C. Stevens Symposium on Family Law: Benched II

5:00-7:00 p.m., Firehouse Center for the Arts, Market Square, Newburyport


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